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What can Mezzofy Do


We provide a comprehensive on-demand Digital Coupon Platform for any businesses to create, distribute, redeem and manage coupons. It is simplest way ever, the businesses can create marketing campaigns with coupon, self help all the way, no technical skill is needed. Alternative businesses can integrate into existing or new system with our APIs.

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3 Key Processes

1. Create

Easily create on-demand digital coupon using Merchant App or Web Portal.

2. Distribute

Flexible to use combination of various channels to distribute the digital coupon.

3. Redemption

Provide effective methods to process redemption for the digital coupon.

9 Key Features


Save our earth by going green with paperless coupon. Go Digital Go Green.


Easy to create coupon for marketing via social media and mix channels.

Fraud Free

Every coupon number is unique and non-serialised that prevent fraud.


Ready to sell coupon and receive payment via PayPal, Braintree, Stripe and more coming.

QR Code

From QR code to digital coupon with just a scan. Easier way to engage with customers.

No App

No need to install any Mobile App by your customers. Just Email or SMS will do.

Big Data

Data, data and data. Understand how your campaigns performance.


Digital coupon can be created with GS1 GCN global standards and Security.


Scalable solutions by integrating our APIs with existing compatible system.

Why Digital Coupon

Cheap and Effective

Digital Coupon can be the cheapest and most effective way to do the marketing campaign, it is environmental friendly too. Beside it is traceable and it takes a very short period of time to create coupon so the merchant can react to the market very quickly.


No printing and administrative cost are involved in handling digital coupon.


Easy to create, distribute and manage the digital coupon via Mezzofy.


Measure your campaign engagement to run next better campaign.

Demo Coupon

Experience It Now

Mezzofy a digital Coupon Platform for Merchants

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How Can We Help

Simple and Flexible

We can help businesses with coupon advertising campaign. These marketing campaigns can generate more sales and increase customer loyalty. We helps the merchant to achieve not the same but better results for their businesses by leveraging on our platform and expertise in Digital Coupon marketing.


Drive O2O Traffic

Use coupon to drive more traffic to the store from online to offline.

Retain Old Customers

Constantly provides coupon to the existing customer to maintain their membership program.

Acquire New Customers

Widespread of coupon can easily acquire new customers for the merchant.

How It Works

We believe that Digital Coupon is one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses to engaging an O2O experience for their customers. We obsessively seek out elegant, compassable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with Mezzofy in just a couple of minutes.

Why Choose Mezzofy

Robust and Scalability

Our platform provides seamless Digital Coupon allocation and issuing, and pay-as-you-use. And the platform is very scalable from a self-employed professional or freelancer, without any shop, a single shop or a multiple chains shop business. Businesses can self create Digital Coupon to drive more sales or even just create one special Digital Coupon for one special customer.

Mezzofy Digital Coupon

Free Operator App

We provide free Operator App to easily process their coupons.

Easy to Create Coupon

We provide self-help guidance to merchant and no technical knowledge is required.

Add New Features

We provide new features base on market needs with new technologies support.

Digital Coupon

Encourage Sustainable Business

We charge only base on your usage on the platform and services that you engage with us for a sustainable business eco-system. We believe in a win-win situation when business can save on costs while leveraging on digital technology to engage with millennium customers of theirs.

We Support

Small Medium Business

Simplest Way to get started With On-Demand Digital Coupon. No Apps to be installed for your customer. Your Customer can receive Coupons via Email/SMS/WhatsApp. Review the Data to understand more about your Campaign too.

- No Setup Fees
- Flat Rate at US$0.40 Per Coupon
- WA/SMS Per Coupon Add-on Cost
- Use Merchant/Redeemer Mobile App

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Enterprise Business

We understand the pain points from an Enterprise perspective when managing large volume of paper coupons and/or vouchers in terms of printing, logistic, validation and reconciliation. Contact us now.

- Migrate from Existing System
- Option to Integrate with CRM/POS
- Customization Solution
- Online Coupon Management Portal

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Prepaid Solution

If you would like to pay by subscription, please feel free to email us at We can charge on subscription mode base on your usage and other requirements. Contact us now to understand the different packages.

- Support Different Packages
- Option to Integrate with CRM/POS
- Customization Solution
- Online Coupon Management Portal

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Not Yet Our Partner? Become One Now.

Do you believe in using Digital Coupon? And if you have great networks and wanted to work with us to start your own business.
Do contact us to start discussing on the opportunities on becoming the next Local Partner.

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Ready to get started?

Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes. We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps.

For Non-Developer

No Coding is required to get started off. It works right out of the box.

For Developer

Work with our robust APIs to integrate right inside your Web / Mobile Apps.

Mezzofy Cashier App

For Merchant Daily Operations to Sell

Mezzofy CASHIER is the perfect point-of-sale solution, available in the App Store. It’s designed to run on iPod, iPhone or iPad, on your counter or on the go. And it's Free.

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Drop us a message and we will get in touch with you. We love to share more about how our platform can support your business needs. Thank You.


Hong Kong Office:
Mezzofy (Hong Kong) Limited
61 Mody Road, Mirror Tower, Unit 2 of LG 1
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Singapore Office:
Mezzofy (Singapore) Pte Ltd
20 Cecil Street #05-03, PLUS
Singapore 049705

Malaysia Office:
Mezzofy (MY) Sdn Bhd
No. 20-02, Jalan Eco Cascadia 6/2, Taman Setia Eco Cascadia, 81100
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia