Systems Status

Mezzofy Coupon Platform - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Merchant App (iOS) - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Merchant App (Android) - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Coupon Market - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Cashier Platform - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Cashier App (iOS) - ACTIVE

Mezzofy Inventory App (iOS) - ACTIVE


Coupon Platform Version 1.1

Merchant App (iOS) Version 1.6

Merchant App (Android) Version 1.1(37)

Coupon Market Version 1.0

Cashier Platform Version 1.21.55

Cashier App (iOS) Version 3.6

Inventory App (iOS) Version 2.2

Merchant App

Create, Distribute and Redeem Digital Coupon
User Guide

Cashier App

Create, Sell and Manage Product or Service
User Guide

Inventory App

Stock Take, Receiving, Transfer of Inventory
User Guide


Hong Kong Office:
61 Mody Road, Mirror Tower, Unit 2 of LG 1
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Singapore Office:
1 Raffles Place, Tower 1 #44-02
Singapore 046818