3 Simple Steps

Full Cycle Digital Coupon With 3 Simple Steps

1. Create

Merchant can easily create digital coupon using Merchant App or the Cloud Back Office for management.

2. Distribute

We provide and encourage Merchant to use various and combination of channels to distribute the digital coupon.

3. Redemption

Our Merchant App provides all the methods required to process the redemption of the digital coupon.

Here we will like to share our use cases on how to use our digital coupon platform for a start. This is not the exhausted list. Share with us if you have discover new ones and we will be glad to hear from you.

Green Environment

Case 1

Using as Digital Coupon

Use digital coupon as the mean to promote business is the easiest way to retain and grow your business. It's environment friendly and simple to distribute via multiple digital or traditional channel.

Event / Concert / Entrance

Case 2

Using as Digital Ticket

We can use it for digital ticketing as each digital coupon is serialise and tracable to ensure every tickets is unique and prevent fraud. Merchant can use the Mezzofy Merchant App to ease the redemption by scanning.

Package Deal

Case 3

Using as Service Package

Traditional way for business to manage service package is keeping a log card and update manually. However, it does not support multiple location for customer to redeem their service and very tedious to manage.


Case 4

Integrate into Website

Our platform support business to easily integrate the single coupon or full coupon listing URL into their existing website without touching any coding. However, if want to extend the experience, we have APIs ready for developer to integrate too.

Mobile Apps

Case 5

Integrate into Mobile App

Our platform support business to easily integrate the single coupon or full coupon listing URL into their existing App without touching any coding. However, if want to extend the experience, we have APIs ready for developer to integrate too.

Coupon Button

Case 6

Embed a Coupon Button

We provide one easy way for merchant to place a Coupon Button like a "Facebook" like button onto website or app. With the click of the button, customer will be able to instantly download to passbook/wallet app.

QR Code

Case 7

Coupon as QR Code

Using QR Code for promotion campaign is nothing new. However, the benefits and ease of engaging with customer on window display, poster, website and tags. Allowing customers to easily add the coupon into their mobile device.

Proximity Marketing

Case 8

Coupon with Beacon

Kickstart your proixmity marketing now with us. All you need is a beacon hardware from estimote and your mobile app to get started. No apps? No problem. We have our customer mobile app ready for whitelabel. Alternative our APIs available too.

Email Marketing

Case 9

Coupon in Email Marketing

Increase engagement and new user acquisition with marketing emails that link to app content. Links work whether they are clicked on mobile or desktop, and connect to the right app content even though a new install.

Social Media

Case 10

Coupon in Social Media

Increase engagement and new user acquisition with social media is popular. Promote your coupon onto the social media and allow your customer to download the coupon and share with more seamlessly now.

Promoiton Code

Case 11

Coupon as Promotion Code

Displaying Promo Code on window display, poster, website and tags. Sharing it with customer never being easier. Allowing customers to easily redeem the coupon with our Merchant Apps with just the Promo Code is fast.

Printed Media

Case 12

Coupon in Magazine / Flyer

Still not driving promotion fully digitally? No problem, you can simply print out the QR Code / Promo Code / URL onto your prefer print media and guide your customer to download the coupon onto their mobile.

Gift Coupon

Case 13

Send Coupon as a gift

Merchant can use the coupon as welcome gift or thank you gift to the customer via social media tools. Your customer can also send the coupon to their friends as gift as well.

Video Coupon

Case 14

Using Video Coupon as Advertising

As the coupon contains all the product or service details, the merchant can even use video as coupon to introduce the product or service which would make the product or service more attractive.

Time Coupon

Case 15

Create Time-Specific Coupon

Merchant can set particular time for the customer to use. For example, restaurant can set the coupon only valid between 3pm and 5pm on weekdays when there are fewer consumers.

Lucky Draw

Case 16

Instant and Lucky Draw

Merchant can use our platform to create Lucky Draw to attract awareness of your product or to draw traffic to the retail stores.

Tasting Coupon

Case 17

Drive traffic to the Shop

Restaurant can use coupon as tasting coupon to attract customer to try the new dish or special offer.

Freelance to Create Coupon

Case 18

Anyone can Create Coupon

You don't need to own the shop, you can also create coupons. You are a freelance hairstylist, tutor or a home-made product designer, you can also use coupon to attract more people to use your service or buy your home-made product.

More Use Case Study Coming Soon

Ready to get started?

Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes. We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps.


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