Coupon is Money

"What is coupon?" This was the first question my Marketing professor asked me when I was in college.

Coupon is money. In other words, money is coupon. Money is coupon for everything, while coupon is money for something.

Electronic money is a hot topic of the internet world. "And what is electronic money?" If my professor ask me now, I would answer "digital coupon". Yes, electronic money is digital coupon for everything, while digital coupon is electronic money for something.

But I have heard little about digital coupon until I know Mezzofy. Mezzofy is an apps which facilitates users to create, issue and redeem coupons by themselves. That means everybody, including you and me, can issue electronic money by our own with the help of Mezzofy.

Just like many other companies in the world, we need to issue coupons to assist our business. In order to save cost and the environment, we have tried to make digital coupons by ourselves. We have hired some leading apps developer but we developed nothing that is secured and convenient enough to replace the paper coupons. If you understand that digital coupon is money, you would know why the security issue is not that easy to solve. And that's why you won't easily find similar apps as that provided by Mezzofy. Mezzofy can create digital coupons that could not be faked easily, because each coupon is unique, just like money. All data are secured and yet you can check and review your own data conveniently. It is easy to use, and safe. We are now using Mezzofy, at a very very low cost. I never imagine I could issue electronic money like a government at such cost.

If my professor ask me "what is digital coupon" now, I would answer him "Mezzofy".


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