Use Coupon as Ticket

"What a drag! We should focus on music only. Why should we care such things."

"The making of a concert means more than music. Get things done. It's part of your learning."

My students are talented in music. We have booked a community hall of 800 seats for their concert. This is a great chance and we don't wish to waste any of the seats, but for insurance issue, overseating is strictly prohibited. If we invite just 800 audience, there would be empty seats because it's unrealistic to assume all of them will be present. But if we invite a lot more than 800 people and more than 800 are present, that would also be a problem.

"In theory, if we know the absence rate, we can invite more than 800 people. But in fact, we don't know. So we should just invite 800 people only, and just let the seats be empty if anyone is absent."

"No, it would look terribly if many are absent. Why don't we ask them to confirm attendance in advance and invite other people to take the seats not confirmed in advance."

"So we shall have a 2nd round invitation list. What if those in the 2nd round cannot fill all the seats. Shall we have time to invite the 3rd round audience. They may feel a lack of respect if such waitlisted invitation is issued too late."

"Then we shall invite as many people as possible, and allow them to queue for the seats on the spot. First come first served."

"No. Those who are rejeced on the spot will get mad."

I wonder if I should interrupt again into their discussion. Though I ask them to get thing done, I have no better idea indeed.

"Why don't you try Mezzofy?" Miss Sakura is a new teacher of the school, young and beautiful.

"What is it?"

"It is an app to allow self-making of digital coupon. It could be discount coupon, cash coupon, redemption coupon, meal coupon, and also a ticket. Eveything that can be made into a paper coupon can become a digital coupon. But neither the issuer or the receiver need to print it out. You may issue it through internet."

"So we may issue 800 digital tickets. But the problem is who can get them."

"No. you may issue more than 800. Indeed there is no quota for issue of digital coupons. I have heard first come first served. That's not a bad idea but you should not ask them to queue on the spot. Instead you may issue a lot of digital tickets to more than 800 people, but limit the download times to 800 only. Mezzofy allows you to do so. So the first 800 people who download the digital coupons will get the tickets. The 801st person will be a bit disappointed, but he will know it before coming to the venue."

"That's awesome. Is it difficult to use Mezzofy?"

"Just do it. It is as simple as issue of an email."

"Thank you. Miss Sakura. Would you come to our concert?"

"Of course. I shall download the digital coupon right away. If you allow, I would like to share the coupons with my friends."

"Is there such a function?"

"Yes. That's why Mezzofy has become a popular promotion tool. This is the multiplier effect of internet. So you needn't worry about empty seats. You may just invite 800 people, but they would share the coupons with a lot more people. You may monitor the download rate, that is also a tool provided by Mezzofy. In case the download rate is not good, you may invite more people by sharing coupons with them."

"That's great. It'll be full house for our concert."

Thanks to Miss Sakura, and also Mezzofy, we get things done in a few minutes. It's really part of learning. Sometimes you need discussion, but sometimes you just need the right tool. Just use it.


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