Mezzofy Coupons Make My Dream

I dream to have my own restaurant. It might be small, but it is mine. But when my dream came true, my trouble began. What I wish to do is to cook good food, and people of the town also wish to enjoy good food. But they want more. They want it fast, because they are too busy especially during lunch break. Work pressure is very high in the city, and I could not blame them. But I also insist to cook on order, because pre-cooked food could not be good food. They're just fast food.

"In that case, I don't mind to give order before leaving the office, so that you can prepare my lunch upon my order and table it the time just after I arrive here." said John, who is a patron of my small restaurant. This is a nice idea, but I may not have the hands to pick up calls in the peak hours. "You don't need hands, what you need is Mezzofy." John seemed to have read my mind.

Mezzofy is an app allowing me to create digital coupons. Actually it allows everyone to do so, with a very very low cost. I started to use Mezzofy digital coupons to receive booking and order from my customers. I just issue digital coupons for different lunch set and favourite food on my web page, and my customers may buy coupons for different food on internet. To avoid overbooking, I can even set a limit for coupons, which is also a function provided by Mezzofy.

While the lunch problem is fixed, I face the dinner problem. People here is very busy, and some of them may need to work overtime on Fridays, not all at their own will. So cancellation of booking is not uncommon. To avoid the loss, it is also common for local restaurants to request deposit for big table at dinner time, especially by new customers. Dinner revenue is very important to a restaurant, and I have to take similar policy. But I do it more smart, with the help of Mezzofy. My customers just need to buy a cash coupon for specific date as a deposit for the reserved dinner, and they needn't come here to pay by cash. To encourage them to do so, I would also give some discounts for the cash coupon.

In fact, discount digital coupon is one of the most popular type of coupons of Mezzofy. And thinking of this, I am now trying to issue discount coupons for tea time. This is also a function by Mezzofy. You may issue discount coupon for a certain time so as to promote more consumption in happy hours.

Thanks to Mezzofy, I have kicked away the troubles and my dream has not become a nightmare.


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