The Print Coupon Problem

Have you ever forgotten to bring your coupon when you are about to use it?

And when you remember to bring along it, you find it just expired when you take it out.

You must have experienced it many times. Do you think you're very unlucky? Yes, you're, but you're not the most unlucky. The most unlucky one is the merchant who issues this coupon. Merchants never mind to accept coupons issued by themselves, because each coupon could bring in more income that the discounts offered. That means the above situations would be a loss to both parties. One day when I received a Mezzofy digital coupon, I understand the unlucky time has gone forever.

Mezzofy is an apps allowing self-making of digital coupons. I got my first Mezzofy coupon from a Japanese supermarket when I have filled in a marketing survey there. I was happy to hear that I could have a coupon after the survey, and more than happy to find that the coupon is not a paper but a digital one. They just sent it to my phone. And some days later when I walked near the supermarket, my phone pop up a message. To my surprise it's a message to remind me to visit the supermarket. Don't worry they have not intruded into my phone. They're just using a device named beacon to detect other online devices within a certain range and remind you of their shops. I just walked into the supermarket and used my coupon. I needn't worry I forget to bring it. I just need to take out my phone for redemption of the coupon. The supermarket would give its customers digital coupons upon consumption of a certain amount. I have got many but I needn't worry that I would forget their expiry date because every coupon is in my phone and a message would pop up to remind me when it is about to expire.

Since then I become a patron of the supermarket, and seldom visit other supermarkets still using the paper coupons. I guess the unlucky time has gone forever, except for those who insist to remain there.


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