Digital Coupon can be traditional

I'm a modern farmer, planting and selling organic food, from farm to table.

City-dwellers like organic food, but as a whim rather than a habit. On some weekends they flush into my farm and buy everything available, and I feel sorry for those who drive here for two hours and find all vegetables are sold out. On some other weekends, only few come here and my very fresh vegetables may perish before anyone take them home.

One day, when only a few came here, I had the leisure to talk in depth with a patron. "I really want to come here every weekend, but if I can't get going early in the morning, I'd rather not come. I have once come a bit late and find only empty baskets here." He continued, "why don't you try Mezzofy digital coupon?"

"I'm not sure if I should let those digital things to corrupt my farm." Being a countryman, I'm quite frank.

"They won't corrupt your farm. They could prevent your food from corruption. It's all up to you, but I feel kind of sad to see your very fresh vegetables to perish." He raised his eyebrows.

He's really a good man who cherishes good food from the bottom of his heart. I felt sorry for being too frank a while ago, and tried to be more open-minded, "would you mind tell me more about the Mezzofy digital coupons?"

"If you don't mind, I may help you issue Mezzofy coupons to my friends right now to see if anyone could come today and take the remaining vegetables?" "Today????" It's heartbreaking to see my food perishing, and I couldn't resist but nodded my head again.

He downloaded the Mezzofy apps from itunes, and created digital coupons in just some minutes. He created digital coupons for each available vegetable, and asked me to input the price and the quantity available. By Mezzofy, we may set the limit for products on sale while the issue of coupons could be unlimited, and people could download the coupon before the limit is reached. He then issue the coupons to his friends, and asked me the issue more to my patrons.

To my surprise, many patrons just bought the digital coupon right away the moment they got it, and soon all coupons were sold out. Later on the day, many people flushed in to take their shares but no one would go back with empty hands.

They just showed me the paid digital coupon and I gave them the food as listed in their coupons. I saw many old faces, and quite astonishingly some new faces.

"My friends share the coupon with me. They say your vegetable is great. I just wanna try them long time ago." The new customer said. I must say the power of internet is great. A week later I also open my Facebook and Instagram accounts and just post the coupons on my pages. My patrons can then view my harvest on my pages, and download or share the coupons as they wish. I even save the time to send them message and could focus more on my farm.

To thank the one who introduced me Mezzofy, I often send him free coupons or discount coupons for the best of my harvest. And of course all these digital coupons are created by Mezzofy. I must admit that Mezzofy digital coupons never corrupt my farm. It saves my vegetable from perishing, and it saves time and fuel for my patrons from driving here and back with empty hands. In a second thought, I think it's as environmental friendly as my food because it uses no paper. Coupons are just a kind of paper money, before Mezzofy turns it paperless. As a friend to environment, I am not just an organic farmer, but an organic digital farmer.


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