Coupon is a Good Idea

"Coupon is a good idea, but I'm tired to deliver it in the street again." John sighed. He is a hardworking man but may need more than two hands to promote his shop. "Why don't you try digital coupons as I mentioned earlier?"

"Yes, digital coupon may save the labour of printing and delivery, but the biggest labour of coupon is to keep track the data of issuing and redemption of coupon. I'm tired of doing such chores."

"Don't worry. Real digital coupons can save all the labour because each coupon is unique and well-tracked. Mezzofy Merchant may be the solution you are looking for. This app allows you to create, issue and redeem mobile and online coupons and keep track of the data of the above actions. You may download Mezzofy Merchant from App Store or Google Play direct."

"That sounds convenient. I really wish my payment and inventory records could be tracked the same way."

"Mezzofy also provides POS and inventory apps. You may visit Mezzofy’s webpage at for more details."

"It's Mezzofy, right? I'll try. Thanks." John seems to get some energy again.


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Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes. We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps.


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