Coupon to Attract First Customer

"How could I ever get my first customer?" Grace is losing confidence in her online business, as she has got no customer after opening for two weeks.

"You may try digital coupons. The sharing power of internet may bring your digital coupons to any corners of the world, but you just have to start it with attractive coupons." I tried to give her some help.

"That sounds great. I can give a big discount to my first ten customers, can't I?" "Of course you can. You may limit the redemption to first ten to encourage sooner consumption."

"But I'm not really good at IT. How can I issue a digital coupon?" She asked a good question.

"To create and issue your own digital coupons you may download Mezzofy Merchant app from App Store or Google Play. You may also visit Mezzofy’s webpage at for more details."

"Thank you so much. I shall give you a huge discount digital coupon. Please be my first customer." She smiled again.


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