Attract Customer with Digital Coupon

"What can I do to attract more customers?" I sighed in a boring morning at my own shop.

"You may try digital coupons", said Dicky. He is my patron client and an IT professional.

"Coupons can always attract more customers and that's why all biggest companies are using them." He was persuading me.

"Yes, but if you deliver paper coupons in the street, their destination may be the nearby rubbish bin." I didn't take advice easily.

"So you better deliver digital coupons online. Just send attractive coupons to all you know on the web, and allow your friends to share with their friends and so on. These digital coupons will never end in the rubbish bins, instead they will reach your target customers by free riding the sharing power of internet."

"That sounds great. But how can I start it?" I am not that stubborn when the advantage is too easy to see.

"To start you may download Mezzofy Merchant from App Store or Google Pay. Mezzofy Merchant is an app allowing you to create, issue and redeem digital coupons, and its trial edition is free. You may also check its webpage for more details." While speaking Dicky just sent me Mezzofy's website.

Don't worry. I am happy to share with you. Mezzofy can be found at


Ready to get started?

Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes. We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps.


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