Coupon for Everything

I open a toy shop. Each customer says I'll make big money, because my toys give them high happiness at low price.

But the fact is that I almost cannot carry on for the first year. This is the second shop I open. The first one was in a mall with high rent. Many people walked past my shop with a glimpse but they were too shy to come in. Finally I couldn't afford the high rent. Taking the lesson, my second one is upstair in a commercial building with more reasonable rent and privacy. But fewer come in. I believe my products are great, but people just don't know they are up here on 9th floor.

Thanks to Mezzofy, my idea has come to a good result.

Mezzofy is an app that allows self-making of digital coupon at very low cost. Indeed the issue is free of charge and only the actual redemption is charged. That means you can be quite confident that each dollar you spend will generate much more money. I informed my old customers about my new shop with discount digital coupons attached. At first I just expect them to come back. But the fact is that they also bring me many many new customers because they share these digital coupons with their friends. That is also a function provided by Mezzofy so that you can enjoy the multiply effect of internet.

With more and more customers, I have come to another bottleneck towards bigger success, that is logistics. As you may imagine, toys are always very personal. People may want the same thing, but they need different size, colour or model. It's too costly for me to put all items on the shelf. When the items wanted is not avaiable, I would ask the customers to pay a deposit and make a special order for them, and they need to come back to pick up the goods and pay the rest. That makes trouble for both sides.

One day, a customer come to my shop with a digital coupon from Mezzofy. It reminds me of Mezzofy again. Yes, Mezzofy is more than discount coupon, it could be coupon for everything, and it's digital. I just put all products of all sizes, all model and all colours, whether in stock or not, on my webpage. They can just buy redemption coupon for eveything they need, and pick up the goods they need at their own convenience. For products requiring special order, the redemption date would be set at a later date for my own process. That's also a function by Mezzofy.

With the help of Mezzofy, my customers and I are enjoying double happiness.


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