SME can also create digital coupon

One day I got a e-coupon from Starbucks. It's very convenient that I can save it in my mobile phone. This is great and I wish I could use the same e-coupon system for my small business. At first I thought this was impossible because the system seemed too good for a small business to afford. I just shared this story with my friend and he told me an astonishing fact - the e-coupon is more affordable than the traditional paper coupon, and he was creating similar e-coupons on a coupon platform by the same IT developer as Starbucks. His firm is even smaller than mine.

The digital coupon platform is provided by a promising IT startup named Mezzofy. The e-coupon app, which is call Mezzofy Merchant, can be downloaded free of charge from App Store or Google Play for trial use. For long-term use its charge is very low that I can cover it by selling just one item. I just get start and find it as convenient as the one from Starbucks, and each e-coupon issued has a unique code for verification and record purpose. Besides, you need no special hardware or sofware to issue, redeem or share the e-coupons, and all you need is to download the app. The customer, on the other side, need no special hardware or software to save and use the e-coupons issued by you. They even needn't download the app. The only thing they need to use is their own mobile phones. With the e-coupons I have attracted more customers and its effect could be proved by the data report as provided by the platform. For details you may visit Mezzofy's webpage at


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