Start your business with Mezzofy

What do you need to start your business? First of all you need a system to manage your product. Then you need a way to promote your product. Finally you need a system to manage payment received. To get the above done and start your business, you may use the tools provided by Mezzofy.

Mezzofy Inventory allows you to manage the inventory of your products. Mezzofy Merchant allows you to create and issue your own digital coupons to promote your products. And Mezzofy POS assist you to manage payment received. All the Mezzofy apps can be downloaded at App Store or Google Play. You may also visit Mezzofy's webpage at for more details.


Ready to get started?

Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes. We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps.


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