Know your customer with Digital Coupon

Many shops and restaurants would like to use coupons to attract more customers. It usually works very well. But when the coupon is used, its mission has finished and its last destination is the dustbin. If you want more with less, why don't you try digital coupon? Yes, you can have more data without wasting a piece of paper.

Data is very important to all business. People are talking about big data. Your company is not as big as Google, but you still need small data, that is the data about your customers for your business planning. You need to know what they want, and where and when they would shop, and their budget. Some companies would spend a lot of money to collect such information, for example, by doing questionnaire or research. Some others find it too costly and just take a trial and error approach. But usually you take a lot of error before having a good trial, and this approach may be more costly.

Now you can collect customer data without using money. Indeed you can make money in the process. The answer is digital coupon. Just like paper coupon, a digital coupon can always attract more customers. Indeed it attracts more because it has no printing and distributing cost, and you may issue as many as you like, and all recipients can share them with others if you so allow. But this is not the magic I wish to talk about here. The magic here is that their mission is just about to begin when it is used. All digital coupons, once redeemed, would be recorded in the system. You will know who used it, and when, and where, and for what, and at what price. You know not just the data of one coupon, but all. After collecting all data, you can generate reports to see the trend of your business and the real demand of your customers. And this is just the by-product of a money-making process, as the coupons attracts more customers.


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