Everything Can Be Digital Coupon

It's a call from Joyce. Phones are rarely used for speaking nowadays, but I'm happy to pick up a call from her.

"I'm getting married."

She always gives me surprise. But I'm now far in Hong Kong and cannot join her wedding party.

"I understand it. I just wish to let you know in person and give you the cake coupon."

It's an Asian tradition that girls who get married will share their joy by giving their friends wedding cakes. But in modern time the tradition has been so evolved that they will just give cake coupons instead, and their friends can pick up the cakes from some chain cake shops at their own convenience.

"Just send me one. I'm happy to eat your cake." I expect to receive it from my post box some days later.

"It's sent. Do you get it?"

A message pop up from my phone. It's a digital cake coupon. It seems that the tradition has been further evolved.

"That's great. I just wish I can give you the wedding gift in the same way."

It's also a tradition to give wedding gift after having the cake. But if you cannot join the wedding party, you may need to arrange another gathering with the newly-weds so that you can give them the gift. And if you are overseas abroad, your only choice is to send it out by post. It's of course not convenient, but for Joyce I'm prepared to take up the trouble.

"That's awesome. I'm happy to have a digital gift from you. I'm really busy about the wedding and get no time to pick up anything from the post office."

"Digital gift? I'm just kidding. Where can I find such things?"

"Haven't you heard about Mezzofy? Almost everything can become a digital coupon up there, a cake, a book, a lunch set, a movie ticket, a travelling package, a bed, or a car, and the only limit is your imagination."

"Wow, that's amazing. The technology in the US is really great."

"It's one of the most promising IT companies based in Singapore and Hong Kong, your hometown."

It's always embarrassing to find out that I'm a bit behind the world.

"But its merchants are worldwide. Just go to its webpage or apps to find out the merchant list. You may easily get the digital coupon you want from any merchants up there."

"It's great. So what coupon do you want?"

"I'll love anything you give to me. But I already have all kinds of gifts from my friends and relatives. If you don't want to repeat, why don't you send some coupons for my own selection before you pay."

"Oh, it could be as convenient and considerate as that. I should ask my boss to join as Mezzofy merchant."

"Just do it. Maybe your boss will award you a vacation for my wedding."

Joyce is a good girl. While I'm looking for the right coupon for her, I'm thinking about a new path for my company.


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